Kerala PSC Study Material

Kerala Public Service Commission (also known as KPSC) conducts a number of exams for filling vacant posts available in Government institutions and enterprises run by Government of Kerala. Besides General Science, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning questions, KPSC also asks a lot of question regarding history, geography, economics and social development of Kerala. So if you are unable to find good material regarding, here I have compiled the list of useful articles that can help you in KPSC journey.

1. Kerala - Basic Facts and Info
1.1 First and Famous in Kerala
1.2 First and Famous Women in Kerala

2. History of Kerala
2.1 Prehistory of Kerala
2.2 Ancient History of Kerala
2.3 Medieval History of Kerala
2.4 Modern History of Kerala
2.5 Sociopolitical Movements of Kerala
2.6 Formation of Kerala State

3. Geography of Kerala
3.1 Physiography of Kerala
3.2 Climate of Kerala
3.3 Rivers of Kerala
3.4 Soils of Kerala
3.5 Forests of Kerala
3.6 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala
3.7 Agriculture in Kerala
3.8 Animal Husbandry of Kerala
3.9 Industries of Kerala
3.10 Energy Sources of Kerala
3.11 Transport and Communication of Kerala
3.12 Mountain Peaks of Kerala
3.13 Sea Coast of Kerala
3.14 Public Ponds of Kerala
3.15 Estuaries of Kerala
3.16 Waterfalls of Kerala
3.17  Lagoons in Kerala
3.18 Kerala Backwaters
3.19 Minerals of Kerala

4. Tourism in Kerala

5. Polity of Kerala
5.1 Governors of Kerala
5.2 Chief Ministers of Kerala
5.2.1 EMS Namboodiripad Ministry (1957-59)
5.2.2 P Vijayan Ministry (2016-21)
5.3 Kerala Judiciary
5.4 Panchayati Raj in Kerala District

6. Districts of Kerala

7. Arts and Culture of Kerala
7.1 Language of Kerala
7.2 Major Malayali Writers and Their Pen Names
7.3 75+ Malayalam Books and Their Writers
7.4 Art and Crafts of Kerala
7.5 Music of Kerala
7.6 Dance of Kerala
7.7 Fairs and Festivals of Kerala
7.8 Cultural Institutes of Kerala

8. Social Development of Kerala
8.1 Education in Kerala
8.2 Healthcare in Kerala
8.3 Tribes and Tribal Population of Kerala

9 Sports of Kerala
9.1 Kerala State Sports Award

10. Awards and Honors of Kerala
10.1 Kerala Sahitya Akademi Awards
10.2 Asan Poetry Prize
10.3 Vallathol Award
10.4 Odakkuzhal Award
10.5 Vayalar Award
10.6 Ezuthachan Puruskaram

11 Others
11.1 List of Research Institutes in Kerala
11.2 River Bank Cities of Kerala
11.3 Major Mountain Passes of Kerala
11.4 Nicknames of Cities and Places of Kerala

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