List of River Bank Cities in Kerala

River Bank Cities in Kerala
Kasargood on the bank of Chandragiri
It is said that rivers are the cradle of civilization and when we dug history a little deeper, we can find that it is true. From Indus to Nile, cities and towns near to the bank of river thrived in past and still thriving in the present. Kerala is no exception. With its beautiful coastal towns, Kerala is also known for its river bank cities.

The major river bank cities and towns in Kerala are

Aluva (Periyar)
Aluva is a suburban town of Ernakulum. It lies on the bank of Periyar. The town was summer home of the Travancore Royal Family. It is also known for advaita asharam by Sree Narayan Guru.

Aruvippuram    (Neyyar)
Aruvippuram is a small town in the Thiruvananthapuram district on the banks of Neyyar river. It is famous for a Shiva Temple established by Sree Narayan Guru.

Beypore (Chaliyar)
Beypore is an ancient port town in the Kozhikode district. It was earlier known as Vaypura. Later it was renamed by the Tipu Sultan as Sultan Pattnam. It was again renamed when power shifted in the hand of the British. The town lies on the bank of Chaliyar and is known for its boat building, especially Uru boats.

Cheruthuruthy (Bharathapuzha)
Cheruthuruthy also known as Vallathol Nagar is town in the Thrissur district. It lies on the bank of Bharathapuzha river.

Feroke (Chaliyar)
Feroke is a town that lies under the Kozhikode district. It lies on the bank of Chaliyar. The town was originally established by the Tipu Sultan as Farookhabad. Later, the name was changed to Feroke by the British. The town is known for its tile industry in Kerala.

Kalady (Periyar)
Kalady lies on the east bank of the Periyar river. It is known as the birthplace of Adi Shankara who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta.

Kasargod (Chandragiri)
Kasaragod is one of the most scenic towns of Kerala. It lies on the bank of Chandragiri river and known for several historical and religious sites such as Chandragiri Fort, Bekal Forts, Madiyan Kulom temple, Madhur Temple, Ananthapuram Lake Temple and Malik Deenar Mosque.

Kozhanchery (Pampa)
Kozhanchery lies on the bank of Pampa river. It falls under the Pathanamthitta district of Central Travancore region of the stae. It is known for Maramon convention.

Kuttipuram     (Bharathapuzha)
Kuttipuram is a small town in the Malappuram district and lies on the bank of Bharathapuzha river. Here the Bharathapuzha river is referred as Nila.

Pala (Meenachil)
Pala is one of the main Christian centres in India. It lies in Kottayam district on the banks of Meenachil river. It is known for its pork curry and tapioca.

Pattambi (Bharathapuzha)
Pattambi is a town at the western end of Palakkad district. It is one of town from where the river Bharathapuzha flow.

Ponnani (Bharathapuzha)
Ponnani is situated at the estuary of Bharatappuzha (Ponnani River). It was an important trading center during the classical age of India. The city is the home to first wave of Yemeni settlers in India.

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