Sea Coast of Kerala

Sea Coast of Kerala
Kollam Beach, Kerala/Image Credit Surajram Kumaravel
The Arabian Sea plays a very significant role in the socio-economic history of Kerala. Infact, the Arabian Sea is often regarded as the God's gift to Kerala. From ancient time, it allowed Kerala to be one of the most important trading centres in the world. The Jews, Christian, Muslims and Parsees who came to India following the sea route and first landed in Kerala. It was riches of Kerala which attracted the European traders. The  Portuguese  were  the  first Europeans to enter Kerala followed by the  Dutch, the French and the English.

These contacts also allowed Kerala to develop its rich cultural heritage. The extensive sea coast of Kerala is a base to a number of harbours from the time immemorial. In ancient era, one can heard the names of Muziris, Tyndis, Barace and Nelcynda ports. In medieval times, the trade in Keral a flourished through the sea ports of Kollam, Kozhikode and Kodungallur and  in  modern  times, Kochi, Alapuzha and Ezhimala are running the economic engine of Kerala.

Sea Coast of Kerala
Geographic location
Longitude    8.5074° N
Latitude    76.9720° E            
Geographic area    38863 sq. km
Coastline    569.7 km
Major Ports    13
Coastal Districts    9
Types of coastaline
Sandy beach (%)    80
Rocky Coast (%)    5
Muddy flats (%)    15
Marshy coast(%)    -

1. Centre for Coastal Zone Management and Coastal Shelter Belt
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