List of Research Institutes in Kerala

List of Research Institutes in Kerala
List of Research Institutes in Kerala
The scientific research is paving the way to the next wave of the development in a state or country's progress. Kerala is not lagging behind in the field of research. The first attempt to excel in research and setup a scientific research department or institute in Kerala can be traced back to 1937 when a department of research was opened in University of Kerala, then University of Travancore. Since, many such research institutes have been opened throughout the state and they are helping the state to grow.

List of Research Institutes in Kerala

1.Central Marine Fisheries Research InstituteKochiMarine Ecosystem and Fisheries Management
2.Central Institute of Fisheries TechnologyKochiFishing Technology, Fish Processing Technology, Fish Biochemistry & Nutrition, Microbiology, Quality Assurance & Management, Fishery Engineering and related Social Sciences
3.Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS)PanagadhFisheries, Ocean Studies & Technology, Ocean Engineering, and Climate Variability & Aquatic Ecosystems
4.Central Plantation Crops Research InstituteKrishnapuramCrop Improvement, Production, Protection, and Plant Physiology
5.Central Tuber Crops Research InstituteThiruvananthapuramDevelopment of agro techniques for tuber crops and development of new tuber crops
6.Indian Institute of Spices ResearchKozhikodeDevelopment of agrotechniques for increasing production and productivity.
7.Directorate of Cashewnut & Cocoa DevelopmentAgriCashewnut & Cocoa production and processing
8.Kerala Forest Research InstituteThrissurConservation and Management of Biodiversity of Kerala Western Ghats
9.Kerala Agricultural University (KAU)ThrissurResearch related to agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, and fisheries
9a.Pepper Research Station, KAUPanniyurPepper
9b.Cardamom Research Station, KAUPampadumparaCardamom
9c.Pineapple Research Station, KAUVazhakulamPineapple
9d.Banana Research StationKannara, ThrissurBanana
9e.Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Research StationOdakkali, ErnakulamAromatic and Medicinal Plants
10.ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research InstituteKasaragodDevelopment of coconut, arecanut and cocoa crops
11.Centre for Marine Living Resources & EcologyKochiMarine Biodiversity
12.Nansen Environmental Research Centre India (NERCI)KochiMonsoon Variability, Climate Change, Coastal Zone management and other social issues.
13.National Institute for Inter-disciplinary Science and TechnologyThiruvananthapuramAgro-processing and Natural products, Biotechnology, Materials Science and Technology.
14.Rubber Institute of IndiaKottayamRubber
15.Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Tech.TrivadrumTissue Engineering and Regenerative Technology
16.Rajiv Gandhi Centre For BiotechnologyThiruvananthapuramChronic Disease Biology, Infectious Disease Biology, Neurobiology and Genetics, Plant Disease Biology
17.Regional Cancer CentreThiruvananthapuramCancer research
18.Department of Physics, St. Thomas CollegeThrichurQuantum Electronics, Crystal Growth
19.Department of Physics, National Institute of TechnologyCalicutAtmospheric Physics, Laser and non-liner optics, Condensed matter physics
20.National Institute for Research and Development in Defence Shipbuilding (NIRDESH)KozhikodeInnovation in surface and submarine defence platforms
21.Kerala School of MathematicsKozhikodeMathematics
22.Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla (MACFAST)Kottayaminformation technology and biosciences
23.St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research InstituteKottayamSyriac studies
24.Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Basic SciencesKottayamScience
25.Vadakke Madham Brahmaswam Vedic Research CentreThrissurVedic Studies
26.Centre for Rural ManagementKottayamSocial Sciences
27.National Center of Earth Science StudiesThiruvananthapuramEarth sciences

This is not a complete list of research institute, but it covers major research institutes in Kerala.

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