List of Governors of Kerala

List of Governors of Kerala
The Governor of Kerala is the nominative head of Indian state of Kerala. He is appointed by the President of India for a term of five years, and holds office at the President's pleasure.

Burgula Ramakrishna Rao is the first person to hold the office of Governor of Kerala. Jyothi Venkatachalam is the first female Governor of Kerala, and P Sathasivam is the current Governor of Kerala.

1Burgula Ramakrishna Rao22 November 19561 July 1960
2V. V. Giri1 July 19602 April 1965
3Ajith Prasad Jain2 April 19656 February 1966
4Bhagwan Sahay6 February 196615 May 1967
5V. Viswanathan15 May 19671 April 1973
6N. N. Wanchoo1 April 197310 October 1977
7Jothi Venkatachalam14 October 197727 October 1982
8P. Ramachandran27 October 198223 February 1988
9Ram Dulari Sinha23 February 198812 February 1990
10Swaroop Singh12 February 199020 December 1990
11B. Rachaiah20 December 19909 November 1995
12P. Shiv Shankar12 November 19951 May 1996
13Khurshid Alam Khan5 May 199625 January 1997
14Sukhdev Singh Kang25 January 199718 April 2002
15Sikander Bakht18 April 200223 February 2004
16T. N. Chaturvedi25 February 200423 June 2004
17R. L. Bhatia23 June 200410 July 2008
18R. S. Gavai11 July 20087 September 2011
19M. O. H. Farook8 September 201126 January 2012
20Hansraj Bhardwaj26 January 201222 March 2013
21Nikhil Kumar23 March 20135 March 2014
22Sheila Dikshit5 March 201426 August 2014
23P Sathasivam5 September 2014Incumbent
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