EMS Namboodiripad ministry: First Kerala Ministry (1957-1959)

EMS Namboodiripad ministry: First Kerala Ministry (1957-1959)
EMS Namboodiripad ministry was the first ever Council of Ministers in the post-independent India. It is also one of the democratically elected Communist governments in the world. It formed the executive wing of the Kerala state government and led by EMS Namboodiripad (the First Chief Minister of Kerala) from 5 April 1957 to 31 July 1959 and his eleven ministries. The Ministry was known for the introduction of the Land Reform Ordinance and the Education Bill. The Ministry was dismissed on 31st July 1959 by the Central Government of India, following Vimochana Samaram (popularly known as the Liberation Struggle) by the Catholic Church in Kerala, the Nair Service Society, the Indian Union Muslim League, and some elements of Indian Muslim League. However, EMS Namboodripad and his party members were relected during fourth Kerala Legislative Assembly elections in 1967.

The Members of Kerala's First Council of Ministers are

1EMS NamboodiripadChief Minister
2 C Achutha Menon Finance
3 TV Thomas Labour and Employment, Transport
4 KC George Food, Forest
5 KP Gopalan Industries
6 TA Majeed Public Works
7 PK Chathan Master Local Self Government
8 Joseph Mundassery Education, Cooperation
9 KR Gowri Amma Excise, Revenue
10 VR Krishna Iyer Home Affairs, Irrigation, Prisons, Law, Electricity
11 AR Menon Health

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