7 Major Mountain Passes (Churam) in Kerala

Mountain Passes (Churam) in Kerala
Idduki-Kozhikode-Mysore Highway
A mountain pass is a small break that connects two or more townships which are actually separated by the mountain range. These mountain passes act as the corridor of economic activity in these hilly areas by cutting the large distances and providing fast transportation. In Malayalam, a pass is locally known as Churam.

Palakkad Gap
The Palakkad Gap (also spelled as Palghat Gap) links Palakkad District of Kerala with Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu. It has traditionally served as a vital trade route between each and west coast of peninsular India since time immemorial. Both NH 544 and Coimbatore-Shoranur railway line joining Kerala to Tamil Nadu pass through Palakkad gap.

Aryankavu Pass
Aryankavu Pass is small mountain pass in Western Ghats which connects Shenkottai in Tamil Nadu with Punalur in Kerala. The Punalur-Shenkottai railway line also goes through this pass.

Kambam Pass
Kambam Pass (also spelled as Cumbum Pass) is a low mountain pass which connects Central Kerala with Tamil Nadu.

Thamarassery Churam
Thamarassery Churam was used by the British to transport spices from Beypore Port, Kozhikode to Wayanand. It was discovered with the help of a tribal leader from Paniya tribe. After the discovery, the man was betrayed and shot dead by the British officer. The pass is candidly known as Gateway to the Wayanad.

Bodinayakkanur Pass
Bodinayakkanur Pass (also known as Bodi Naickanur Churam or simply Bodi Churam) links Madurai in Travancore region with hilly district of Kerala, Idduki. The Cochin-Madurai-Rameswaram NH 85 goes through this pass.

Arambadi Pass
Arambadi Pass (also known as Aralvaimozhi Pass) links Trivandrum in Kerala and Thirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. This pass is of historic importance as this pass was frequently used by competing kingdoms to enter the land of Chera.

Perambadi Pass
Perambadi Pass links coastal town of Kannur with Coorg.
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