Geography Notes for UPSC, SSC and Other Competitive Exams

Geography Notes

Geography is an extensive subject, which not only covers physical phenomenons such as stars, planets, earth, mountains, but also social phenomenons like race, population and migration. It allows you to understand our relationship with Earth and Universe as whole. These notes are designed for you to understand these geographical phenomenons and how they affect us.

Introduction to Geography

Universe and Out Planet
Water (Hydrosphere)
  • Water Cycle
  • Components of Hydrospehre
  • Oceans
  • Ocean Relief
  • Submarine Canyon
  • Major Trenches and Ridges in World
  • Temperature of the Ocean
  • Density of Ocean
  • Salinity of Ocean
  • Ocean Deposits
  • Coral Reefs and Atolls
  • Coral Reefs of the World
  • Ocean Tide
  • Ocean Currents
  • Seas of Ocean
  • Major Straits of the World
  • Major Gulfs of the World
  • Marine Resources
  • Marine Food Resources
  • Conservation of Marine Resources
  • Marine Energy Resources
  • Marine Pollution
  • Eutrophication
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Ocean Development Programmes in India
  • Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management
  • Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System
  • The National Institute of Ocean Technology  (NIOT)
  • Wetlands
  • Distribution of Wetlands in World
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Drainage Pattern of the River

  • Structure of Atmosphere
  • Insolation
  • Heat Budget
  • Regional Distribution of Temperature
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Wind
  • Local Winds of the Wold
  • Air Mass
  • Air Fronts
  • Cyclone and Anti-Cyclone
  • Humidity
  • Percipation
  • Clouds
  • World Climatic Zones

World Geography
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Australia (Oceania)
  • Antartica

World Geography - Social Phenomenon
  • Race
  • Population Density
  • Population Growth
  • Migration

World Geography - Economic Aspects
  • Primary Activities
  • Agriculture
  • MIning
  • Secondary Activities
  • Major Industrial Centres of India
  • Major Industrial Centres of the World
  • Tertiary Activity

  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
    • Major Trans-Continental Railways of the World
  • Airways Transport
  • Water Transport
  • Inland Water Transport
  • Pipeline Transport
India: Physiography

Climate of India

Drainage System of India
  • Drainage of India: An Overview
    • Himalayan Rivers of India
      • Indus River System
        • Indus Water Treaty
      • Ganga River System
      • Bhramaputra River System
    • Peninsular Rivers of India
      • East Flowing Rivers
      • West Flowing Rivers
    • Lakes of India
    • Difference between Himalayan and Peninsular Rivers of India
Forest and Wildlife of India
  • Forest and Wildlife of India: An Overview
    • Forest of India
    • Mangroves
    • Forest Cover by States of India
    • Wildlife of India
    • National Parks of India
    • Biosphere Reserves of India
    • Endangered Species of India
    • Wildlife Conservation

Agriculture in India
Soils of India

Mineral and Energy Resources of India
  • Minerals and Energy Resources of India: An Overview
Manufacturing in India
  • Manufacturing Industries of India: An Overview
    • Cotton Textile Industry of India
    • Woolen Textile Industry of India
    • Jute Textile Industry of India
    • Silk Industry of India
    • Sugar Industry of India
    • Iron and Steel Industry of India
    • Aluminium Smelting Industry of India
    • Engineering Industries of India
    • Automobile Industry of India
    • Fertilizer Industry of India
    • Aircraft Industry of India
    • Cement Industry of India
    • Glass Industry of India
Transport in India

Human Resource of India

Miscellaneous: Indian Geography
  • Prayagas in India
  • List of Major Dam Projects
  • Major River Water Sharing Disputes of India
  • Major Waterfalls of India
Miscellaneous: World Geography

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