Indonesia Explores India's Socio-Economic Strategies

Image of Indonesian Delegation in India, Exploring Mid-Day Meal Scheme and Digital Inclusion Strategies
Indonesia Explores India's Socio-Economic Strategies [Image Source: Keekli]

An Indonesian delegation, led by Mochammad Firman Hidayat, Deputy Coordinating Minister of Maritime Resources, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, recently visited India to explore collaboration in various sectors and glean insights from India’s successful socio-economic programs. This visit, following Indonesia’s elections and the upcoming administration's focus on new initiatives, highlights the nations' shared goal of enhancing their citizens' well-being.

Recent Context:

Indonesia’s President-elect, Prabowo, has proposed implementing a mid-day meal scheme in schools, akin to India’s program, as part of his election manifesto. To realize this, the Indonesian delegation sought insights and strategies from India's successful implementation of the scheme.

Collaboration in Biotechnology and Agriculture:

Meetings with officials from the Department of Biotechnology and a visit to the National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) focused on fostering cooperation in biotechnological research, development, and innovation. Both countries discussed potential collaboration in reducing marine debris, aquaculture, bio-materials, bio-fuels, and early warning systems for earthquakes.

Learning from India’s Digital Public Infrastructure:

At the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the delegation learned about India’s Digital Public Infrastructure, including the Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile (JAM) trinity initiative. This initiative, linking bank accounts, Aadhaar (unique identity), and mobile numbers, enables direct benefit transfers and financial inclusion.

Studying the Mid-Day Meal Scheme:

The delegation interacted with officials from the Ministry of Education to understand the implementation, logistics, nutritional aspects, and challenges of India’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme. Visits to Akshaya Patra’s kitchen facilities provided insights into operational details and the role of not-for-profit organizations in the scheme.

Exploring Digital Infrastructure and Blue Economy:

Visits to the Centre for Digital Public Infrastructure and Sea6 facilities aimed to deepen understanding of India’s digital infrastructure and blue economy. This exploration could lead to collaboration in leveraging digital technologies for economic growth and sustainability.

The Indonesian delegation’s visit underscores the importance of cross-country learning and collaboration in addressing shared socio-economic challenges. As Indonesia moves forward with its new initiatives, the lessons and experiences from India are poised to play a significant role in shaping its future socio-economic landscape.

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