India's Strategic Expansion through Defence Attache Deployments

Image depicting India's strategic expansion through the deployment of new military attaches to various countries, showcasing efforts to bolster diplomatic ties and arms exports
India's Strategic Expansion through Defence Attache Deployments

India is strategically expanding its ties with key regions by appointing defence attaches in several countries, including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Armenia, and Poland. This initiative comes amidst renewed geopolitical rivalries and forms part of India’s broader policy objectives.

Appointment of Defence Attaché in Djibouti:

India is set to appoint a new defence attaché to Djibouti, a strategically located African nation serving as a major maritime gateway in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Djibouti's significance lies in its potential for military bases, and the new attaché will be the second to hold this post in the island nation.

Rationalisation of Military Officials in Moscow and London:

India is planning to streamline its teams of military officials in its embassy in Moscow and high commission in London. Some defence attaches posted in these locations will be redeployed elsewhere as part of this rationalisation, considering New Delhi’s foreign policy priorities and optimal manpower utilization.

Expanding Strategic Engagement with Africa:

The decision to appoint defence attaches in African countries like Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Ivory Coast aligns with India’s priority to enhance its strategic engagement with the African continent. Many African nations have expressed interest in procuring Indian military platforms, equipment, and hardware.

Countering China’s Influence in Africa:

India’s strengthened ties with Africa come amidst China’s efforts to expand its influence in the region. India has positioned itself as a leading advocate for the concerns and aspirations of the Global South, particularly Africa.

Expanding Defence Ties with the Philippines:

India seeks to bolster defence ties with the Philippines amid growing global concerns over China’s military assertiveness in the South China Sea. A recent deal worth USD 375 million for missile supplies signifies India’s commitment to this partnership.

Appointment of Defence Attaché in Armenia:

The decision to appoint a defence attaché in Armenia reflects the country’s interest in enhancing its defence relations with India. Arms deals have been finalized to supply Indian military hardware, including multi-barrel rocket launchers, amidst regional tensions.

Expanding Defence Ties with Poland:

India’s appointment of a defence attaché to Poland signifies its desire to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation. This move is significant, especially considering the European Union's recent posting of a military attaché to its mission in India.

Deployment of Defence Attaches:

A total of 16 defence attaches from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force will soon assume their positions in the mentioned countries, furthering India’s strategic outreach and engagement.

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