Tiger Triumph-24: Strengthening India-US Cooperation

Image of Indian Navy participating in Tiger Triumph-24, showcasing bilateral cooperation between India and the United States
Tiger Triumph-24: Strengthening India-US Cooperation [Source: Indian Navy]

The Indian and United States navies have launched a joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise named "Tiger Triumph-24" along India’s eastern seaboard, commencing on March 18, 2024. This week-long exercise involves assets from the Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force, along with contributions from the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Army.

The genesis of the robust maritime relationship between India and the US traces back to the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004. This calamity claimed nearly 250,000 lives across 14 countries, prompting swift action from both navies. The Indian Navy rapidly deployed its ships for humanitarian missions, while the US Navy collaborated closely in the relief efforts.

Key Lessons from 2004 Tsunami:

The aftermath of the 2004 tsunami underscored the necessity for specialized HADR capabilities. While the Indian Navy displayed commendable resourcefulness, the US Navy's advanced HADR resources, including desalination plants and medical teams, proved pivotal.

Objective of Tiger Triumph-24:

Tiger Triumph-24 aims to enhance interoperability and refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for seamless coordination during HADR operations between the two nations. The exercise consists of two phases:

  1. Harbour Phase (March 18-25, 2024): This phase focuses on training, exchanges, sports events, and fostering camaraderie between personnel from both navies.
  2. Sea Phase: Following the Harbour Phase, ships with embarked troops will undertake maritime, amphibious, and HADR operations, culminating in a closing ceremony.

Assets and Participation:

The Indian Navy contributes ships, helicopters, and landing crafts, with support from the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. The US contingent includes Navy warships with personnel from the Marine Corps and Army.

India-US Defence Cooperation:

Ahead of the exercise, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin discussed the India-US Defence Cooperation Roadmap and explored avenues for defence industrial cooperation.

Key Facts for Examination:

  • The name "Tiger Triumph" symbolizes the national animals of both countries.
  • The Indian Navy’s response to the 2004 tsunami involved over 30 ships, 20 helicopters, and 5,500 personnel.
  • The US Navy’s "Operation Unified Assistance" deployed over 15,000 personnel, 25 ships, and 100 aircraft in response to the 2004 tsunami.

Through Tiger Triumph-24, India and the US deepen their strategic partnership, reinforcing their commitment to global humanitarian efforts and maritime security.

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