List of Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh

YS Parmar Postal Stamp
Indian Post Released YS Parmar Stamp in 1988
The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh is the de facto executive head of the state. Following Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections, the Governor of Himachal Pradesh invites the party (or coalition) with majority of seats to form the government. The Governor appoints Chief Minister of the State along with council of ministers which are collectively responsible to the assembly. The chief minister and his council work in the name of Governor of State.

As of now, the state of Himachal Pradesh has seen six Chief Minister altogether. Dr. Y. S. Parmar was the first Chief Minister of the State. He was affiliated to Indian National Congress. He served a total of four terms in office.

Shanta Kumar became the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh in 1977. Virbhadra Singh is the longest serving Chief Minister of the state. He has been appointed to the position for record six times. He has served more than 21 years (7680 days) as the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.

Currently, Jai Ram Thakur of Bhartiya Janata Party is the Chief Minister of the state. He is the sixth person to hold the Chief Minister's office.

Sadly, Himachal Pradesh has not seen any Woman Chief Minister.

Sl NoName of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1YS Parmar8 March 195231 October 1956Congress
State ceased to exist31 October 19561 July 1963Himachal Pradesh was made a Union Territory
2YS Parmar1 July 196314 March 1967Congress
3YS Parmar14 March 196715 March 1972Congress
4YS Parmar15 March 197228 January 1977Congress
5Thakur Ram Lal28 January 197730 April 1977Congress
President's Rule30 April 197722 June 1977
6Shanta Kumar22 June 197714 February 1980Janata Party
7Thakur Ram Lal14 February 19807 April 1983Congress
8Virbhadra Singh8 April 19838 March 1985Congress
9Virbhadra Singh8 March 19855 March 1990Congress
10Shanta Kumar5 March 199015 December 1992BJP
President's Rule15 December 19923 December 1993
11Virbhadra Singh3 December 199323 March 1998Congress
12Prem Kumar Dhumal24 March 19985 March 2003BJP
13Virbhadra Singh6 March 200330 December 2007Congress
14Prem Kumar Dhumal30 December 200725 December 2012Congress
15Virbhadra Singh25 December 201227 December 2017Congress
16Jai Ram Thakur27 December 2017PresentBJP
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