List of Himachal Pradesh Vidhansabha Speakers

Jaiwant Ram, First Himachal Pradesh Vidhansabha Speaker
Jaiwant Ram, First Himachal Pradesh Vidhansabha Speaker/Image Credit: Himwire
The Speaker is the head of the Legislative Assembly. He oversee all the activities in the house and acts as a neutral judge in all the debates and discussions in the house. Usually he or she is member of the stronger party in the house. In his absence, Deputy Speaker preside the proceedings of the house.

Shri Jaiwant Ram was the first Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (or also known as Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha). In 1985, Smt. Vidya Stokes became the first woman Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Vidhansabha. Shri TS Negi is the longest serving Speaker in the house. He served as the Speaker of HP Vidhansabha for a total of three terms.

Name of the SpeakerFromTo
Jaiwant Ram24/03/195231/10/1956
Desh Raj Mahajan04/01/196318/03/1967
Desh Raj Mahajan20/03/196719/03/1972
Kultar Chand Rana28/03/197229/06/1977
Sarvan Kumar30/06/197718/04/1979
TS Negi08/05/197921/06/1982
TS Negi22/06/198214/09/1984
Vidya Stokes11/03/198519/03/1990
Radha Raman Shastri21/03/199017/08/1990
TS Negi20/08/199014/12/1993
Kaul Singh Thakur15/12/199312/03/1998
Gulab Singh Thakur30/03/199807/03/2003
Gangu Ram Musafir11/03/200309/01/2008
Tulsi Ram11/01/200801/01/2013
Brij Behari Lal Butail 09/01/2013 05/01/2018
Rajeev Bindal10/01/2018Present
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