21+ Superlatives in the Animal Kingdom

The Blue Whale is the largest mammal in the World./Image Credit: NOAA
If you open up to the world, you will see an array of beautiful wildlife from world smallest mammal, Etruscan shrew to the world largest mammal, the blue whale. The Animal Kingdom is full of wonderful suprises. If you are interested in reading, here is the list of superlatives in the animal kingdom.

Largest animal/mammal on the planet: The Blue Whale
Heaviest animal/mammal on the land: The African Bush Elephant
Tallest animal/mammal on the land: Giraffe
Largest carnivora in the world: The Southern Elephant Seal
Largest carnivores on the land: Polar Bear/Kodiak Bear
Largest reptile in the world: The Saltwater Crocodile
Largest ambhibian in the world: The Chinese Giant Salamander
Largest rabbit in the world: The Flemish Giant
Largest bats in the world: The Giant golden-crowned flying fox
Largest rodent in the world: The Capybara
Largest bony fish in the world: The Ocean Sunfish
Largest lizard/snake in the world: The Green Anaconda
Largest bird in the world: The Ostrich
Largest flying bird in the world: The Dalmatian Pelican
Largest arthropod in the world: The Japanese spider crab
Smallest animal/mammal in the world: The Bumblebee Bat
Fastest land animal: Cheetah
Fastest animal/bird on the Earth: The Peregrine Falcon
Fastest animal in the sea: The Black Marlin
Fastest insect in the sea: The Southern Giant Darner
Slowest animal in the world: The Three-Toed Sloth
Longest living animal: Immortal Jellyfish
Smallest insect in the world: Fairyfly

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