Neighbouring States, Cities and Districts of Delhi

Map of delhi
Neighbouring States and Districts of Delhi
Delhi is one of the seven union territories of India and sprawled over the area 1484.0 square kilometer. It is home to more than 16.78 million people and ranked second most populous metropolitan region after Mumbai. One of its district, New Delhi serves as the national capital of India and at the centre of all Indian political movement.

Delhi is bordered by Haryana on three sides and Uttar Pradesh from one side.

East: On the eastern side, Delhi shares its boundary with Noida (Gautam Buddha Nagar), Ghaziabad and Bhagpat. The Yamuna River forms a natural boundary between Delhi and Ghaziabad.

West: On the western side, Delhi shares its boundary with Bahadurgarh (Jhajjar District) of Haryanaa.

North: On the northern side, Delhi shares its boundary with Jhajjar and Sonipat Districts of Haryana and Bagpat District and Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh.

South: On the southern side, Delhi shares its boundary with Gurugram and Faridabad,
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