Religion in Gujarat

Somnath Temple
Somnath Temple, Gujarat/Wikimedia
According to 2011 Population Census of India, about 88.6% of Gujarati follow Hinduism, 9.67% follow Islam, 0.96% follow Jainism, 0.52% follow Christianity, 0.10% follow Sikhism, 0.05% follow Buddhism and others make up 0.03% which include Parsi-Zoroastrians and Jewish communities.

Gujarati Hindus are primarily either Krishna or Shakri (Durga) followers. Dwarka is an important place of pilgrimage for Krishna followers. There is small but a strong followership of Shiva also. For them, the Somnath Temple is an important site.

Jain is the third largest community in Gujarat. However they make up only 0.96% of the Gujarati. Alongwith Parsi-Zoroastrians and Jewish communities, they are one of the richest religious community in the region. In past, Jains used to have a strong foothold in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Especially, the influence of Jain faith can observed in the lifestyle of Gujarati people, especially on Hindu community of Gujarat.

Most of the Gujarati Muslims are Sunni, with a minority of heterodox Shia group. They are further divided into sub-groups, such as the Sunni Vohra/Bohra, Ismaili, Khoja, Dawoodi Bohra, Surti, Pathan people, Khatri, Ghanchi and Chhipa. Each of this sub-group follows their own pre-Islamic customs and traditions along with main faith.

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In last century, the orthodox Hindu and Muslim communities were at loghorn several times. The extremity between two communities reached its peak in 1969 and 2002.
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