Districts of Nagaland

Districts of Nagaland
Districts of Nagaland
For administrative purpose, the Indian state of Nagaland has been divided into 12 districts. The districts are further divided into several administrative blocks.

The twelve districts of Nagaland are 1. Dimarpur, 2. Kiphire, 3. Kohima, 4. Longleng, 5. Mokokchung, 6. Mon, 7. Peren, 8. Pehk, 9. Tuensang, 10. Wokha, 11. Zunheboto and 12. Noklak.

These 12 districts are in turn further divided into 74 blocks which in turn manages 1238 villages.

In 1957, Naga Hills Tuensang Area was carved out from joining Naga Hills District district of Assam and Tuensang Frontier Division of the North-East Frontier Agency. It has three administrative regions, namely, Kohima, Mokokchung and Tuensang districts.

In 1961, Naga Hills Tuensang Area was renamed Nagaland.

In 1963, Nagaland became 16th state of India.

In 1973, Wokha and Zunheboto were carved out from Mokokchung, Mon was carved out from Tuensang and Phek was carved out from Kohima.

In 1997, Dimapur was created out of Kohima.

In 2004,  Kiphire and Longleng were carved out from Tuensang and Peren was created out of Kohima.

In 2017, the 12th district of Nagaland, Noklak was created out of Tuensang.

Districts of Nagaland

DistrictHeadquarterArea (sq km)Population (2011)CreatedSex RatioLiteracy
Kohima Kohima 1,463267,988195792885.0
Mokokchung Mokokchung 1,615194,622195792591.6
Tuensang Tuensang2,536196,596195793073.7
MonMon1,786 250,260197389856.6
PhekPhek 2,026163,418197395179.1
ZunhebotoZunheboto 1,255140,757197398186.3
KiphireKiphire 1,13074,004200496171.1
LonglengLongleng 56250,484200490373.1
PerenPeren 2,30095,219200491779.0
NoklakNoklak 1,15259,300201793877.0

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