List of Newspapers in Nagaland

Newspapers of Nagaland
The newspapers of Nagaland like any other newspaper played an important role in making and developing the conciousness of the state and its people. Ao Milen is said to be the first and oldest contniously published newspaper from Nagaland. It was started by Ao Students Conference (AKM) in 1933 as The Naga Messenger. Later, it was renamed Ao Milen in 1937. Ketho Mu Kevi is an Angami language newspaper was started way back in 1957. Later, The Naga Chronicle became first English newspaper published on land of Nagaland in 1966. Later, first English Newspaper by a Naga person, Citizen Voice, came into existence in 1967.

English Newspapers in Nagaland

Nagaland Post
Founder / Editor: Geoffrey Yaden
First published: 3 December 1990

Nagaland Page
Founder / Editor: T Monalisa Changkija
First published: 29 May 1999

The Eastern Mirror
Founder / Editor: Deithono Nakhro
First published: August 2002

The Morung Express
Founder / Editor: Akum Longchari
First published: 14 September 2005

Nagaland Today
Publisher / General Manager: Yudang Ao
First published: 29 August 2018

Vernacular Language Newspapers in Nagaland

Tir YimYim
Language: Ao
Editor: K Temjen Jamir
First published: 8 October 2003

Language: Tenyidie
Editor: Mhalezolie Kire

Sumi Zümulhü
Language: Sumi
Editor: Inato Shikhu
First published: 2 September 2011

Nagamese Khobor
Language: Nagamese
Editor :H. Lemei (Arenla) Phom
First published: 1 December 2013

Ketho Mu Kevi
Language: Angami
Founder: Ms. Beilien
First published: 1957
Out of circulation

Ao Milen
Language: Ao
Founded by Ao Students’ Conference (AKM)
First published: 1933

Vünglangh Manliüng
Language: Phom
Editor: H. Lemei (Arenla) Phom
First published: 15 May 2010
Out of circulation

Tenyi Ralha
Language: Angami
Editor: Vilasielie Nakhro
Out of circulation
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