List of Dams and Hydro Power Plants in Nagaland

Doyang River

Dams in Nagaland

Doyang Hep Dam
Purpose: Hydroelectric Power, Drinking and Irrigation water supply
River: Doyang
Location: Wokha
Type: Earthen
Length: 482 m
Height: 92 m

Hydro Projects in Nagaland

Doyang Hydroelectric Project
Capacity: 75 MW
River: Doyang
Location: Wokha

Likimro Hydro Electric Project

Capacity: 24 MW
River: Likimro
Location: Moya Village, Pungro, Kiphire

Lang Hydro Electric Project

Capacity: 1 MW
River: Lang
Location: Pangsha village, Noklak, Tuensang

Tehok Hydro Electric Project

Capacity: 1 MW
River: Tehok
Location: Tehok, Mon

Ponglefo Hydro Electric Project (under construction)

Capacity: 1 MW
River: Likimro
Location: Kiphire

Mini Hydro Projects in Nagaland

Duilumreu Mini Hydro Project (Under Construction)
Capacity: 300 KW
Location: Duilumreu, Peren

Micro Hydel Projects in Nagaland

At present, there are three microhydel projects are running in the state of Nagaland. These are
1. Thivopisii Microhydel
2. Dzüdza Microhydel
3. Nguiki Microhydel

Future Prospective
Dams and hydroelectric projects have their fair share of advantage but they also have deterimental effect on the environment and biodiversity of the area. The Governments throughout the world has understood this impact and now many of them have shifted focus on other alternative form of energy such as solar energy. As of 2017, Nagaland is generating 500 Kwh through solar energy and plan to expand solar energy production to 50 MW through roof top solar devices alone by 2022.

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