Rivers of Nagaland

Doyang River
Doyang River is the largest and longest river of Nagaland
The major rivers that are flowing through Nagaland are Doyang, Dikhu, Dhansiri, Tizu, Tsurong, Nanung, Tsurang (Disai), Tsumok, Menung, Dzu-u, Langlong, Zungki, Likimro, Lanye, Dzuza, Milak, Mihki and Manglu.

Westward flowing rivers (Tributaries of Brahmaputra): Doyang, Dikhu and Dhansiri
Eastward flowing rivers (Tributaries of Chindwin): Tizu River

Doyang River
1. Doyang river is the longest as well as the largest river in term of average flow of Nagaland.
2. It is 167 km long when measured from Ghathashi area to Liphi.
3. Doyang river originates from Japtu Hills near southern slopes of Mao Hills in Manipur.
4. The total catchment area of Doyang River is 3283 sq km.
5. Doyang river flows into Dhansiri river in Sibsagar district of Assam which in turn empties into the Brahmaputra.
6. Chubi, Nzhu, Tsui, Tullo and Tishi are the main tributaries of the Doyang river.
7. A Hydroelectric Power Plant of capacity 75MW is built on the Doyang river.
8. Doyang river forms a natural boundary between Lotha area and Sema area of Nagaland.

Dikhu River
1. Dikhu river rises near Naroto Hills in Zunheboto district of Nagaland.
2. The total length of the Dikhu river is 171 km (from Phuye/Surumi area to Naginimora).
3. The Dikhu river flows along the border of Mokokchung and Tuensang districts of Nagaland.
4. Yangyu and Nanung are the two main tributaries of the Dikhu river. Yangyu river joins Dikhu river from Tuensang district and Nanung in Mokokchung district.
5. Dikhu merges with the Brahmaputra in the Naginimora (Mon district) of Assam.
6. The total catchment area of Dikhu river is 2996 sq km.

Dhansiri River
1. The total length of the Dhansiri river from New Ngaolong area to Nuiland area is around 241 km.
2. Dhansiri river originates from the Liansang Peak of Nagaland.
3. It forms a natural boundary with North Cachar Hills of Assam before draining into the Brahmaputra.
4. Doyang, Khora, Langlong, Beopani, Dizua and Diphu are the main tributaries of Dhansiri river.
5. The total catchment area of Dhansiri River is 2262 sq km.
6. Dhansari Reserved Forest and Intagki National Park lie on either bank of the Dhansiri river.

Tizu River
1. Tizu flows eastwards and empties into Chindwin river of Myanmar.
2. The total length of Tizu river from Helipong area to Avankhu area is 203 km.
3. Zunki, Lanye and Likimro are the main tributaries of Tizu river.
4. It originates near  Longkhim town, Tuensang district, for about 115 km and joins  Lanyie –  Thetsiru  River.
5. Tizu river serves as India's waterway link to Myanmar.
6. It is the second largest river in terms of area covered in Nagaland.

Zunki River
1. Zunki river is the biggest tributary of Tizu river.
2. Zunki river originates from Changdong forest in the south of Teku and then flows southward to join Tizu river near Kiphire district.
3. The total length of Zunki river is 80 km and its catchment area is 2060 sq km.

Milak River
1. Milak river originates from Mokochung.
2. In Assam, it is known by the name of Jhanzi river.
3. Tsurong is the most important tributary of Milak. It originates from east of Lakhuni village of Mokokchung district.

Rivers of Nagalant At Glance
Length and Catchment Area of Rivers that flows in  Nagaland
Rivers of Nagaland/Source: Nagaland GIS

Social Importance of Rivers in Nagaland
It is important to note these river demarcates territorial boundaries of different tribal groups of Nagaland. Doyang river demarcates boundary line between Rengmas, Angamis, Lothas and Aos whereas Dikhu demarcates the boundary between Aos, Sangtams, Phoms and Konyaks.
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