Sources of Indian Constitution

Sources of Indian Constitution
Sources of Indian Constitution
The Constitution of India has been formed after careful reading and understanding or in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's word 'ransacking' of various constitutions around the world. Having said that, the makers of the Constitution of India considered 1. Historical Perspective of India, 2. Geographical Diversity of India, and 3. Cultural and traditional characterstics of India, before any addition.

Major Sources of Indian Constitution
Concurrent list.
Cooperative federalism.
Freedom of trade, commerce and intercourse.
Joint sitting of two houses of parliament.

Federal system with Strong Centre.
Residuary powers.
Appointment of Governor.
Advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court.

Ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in the Preamble.

Directive principles of state policy.
Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha.
Election of President.

 Procedure established by Law.

South Africa
Procedure of constitutional amendment.
Election of Rajya Sabha.

The Government of India, 1935, Act
Federal scheme.
Declaration of emergency powers.
Ordinance defining the power of the President and Governors.
Office of the Governor.
Power of federal judiciary.
Administration at the Centre and state level.

United Kingdom
Rule of Law.
Parliamentary system.
Bicameral parliament.
Lower House as More Powerful House.
Power of Speaker in House
Council of ministers.
Prime minister.
Single citizenship.
Office of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).
Writ jurisdiction of courts.

Written Constitution.
Fundamental rights.
Supreme Court.
President as executive head of the state.
Impeachment of the President
Removal of Supreme Court and High Court judges.
Vice President as chairman of Rajya Sabha.
Judicial review
Independence of judiciary.

USSR (Soviet Union)
Fundamental duties.
The ideals of Justice (Social, Political and Economic) in the Preamble

Weinner Constituion (Germany)
Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency.
Ballot system.
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