Why We Need To Study History

Why We Need To Study History
Why We Need To Study History
Most of us live in present and worry about our unseen future, but very few realize that answer to problems lies in history. History is just not a dull, tedious, monotonous reading of Kings, Queens, and Nobilities. It is the story of us. It is the story of our adventurous, little, not so common wins and discoveries which seems pretty normal, pale, and absurd in comparison to our modern achievements, technologies, and science. But whenever we are too ruckus, confused, ardent, History is the gentle reminder where we actually started.

Some of the major reasons 'why one should read history' are:

1. History helps us to understand People and their Evolution. It let us understand how they behave, what are the factors behind their rise, and what led to their demise. It also helps us understand how societies tackle the problem viz. physical and social. Moreover, it helps us to understand and identify problems, and take the action beforehand.

2. History contributes to moral understanding. It helps us in shaping our worldviews, and understand how great men and women took stances on the variety of moral issues, and how they solved them. History is the reason, why we came to know about men and women like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka the Great, and Gargi, and how their moral stances changed the world forever.

3. History provides identity. It helps us to understand our roots and present realities. It is the prime reason why nations encourage the study of history.

4. History develops the mind. It helps one to develop an unbiased look, and access the building conflicts, where it is on a private or public level, with a good level of understanding. It teaches how repeatedly one has to pay the price of being ignorant, biased, and preferential.
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