Amatya Rakshasa - The Prime Minister of Last Nanda Ruler Dhananda

Coins of Nanda Dynasty
Amatya Rakshasa was the Prime Minister of Dhananand, the last Nanda Ruler of Magadha.

Amatya Rakshasa was the only person who did not surrender to Chandragupta after he became the ruler of Magadha. Due to his excellent tactics, he was always used to escape schemes of Chandragupta and Kautilya, but when death penalty was annouced for his friend Seth Chandandas, he came out of his hiding. Chandragupta and especially Kautilya who were fond of tactmanship and management of Amatya Rakshasa offered him the role of Prime Ministership, and if he did not accept this offer, he and his friend would be killed. Amatya Rakshasa eventually accept the role of Prime Minister and aids the Chandragupta on the conquest of India.

This legend about Chandragupta, Kautilya, and Amatya Rakashasa became one of the plots for Mudrarakshasa, a play by Sanskrit playwright Vishakhadutt.
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