Garadi: Monkey Dance of Puducherry

Garadi: Monkey Dance of Puducherry/Image Credit: Canaranews

Garadi is the popular dance of Puducherry. The dance has mythological origins. It is associated with Ramayana. It is said, the Vanara army of Sugreev performed the Garadi following the victory of Rama over the Demon King Ravana.

Gadari dancers mask themselves as Vanar and mimic the gesture of the monkey. Therefore, the dance is also candidly known as Monkey Dance of Puducherry. The dancers usually hold a flag in their and dance to the beatings of two big drums, Ramadolus.

A distinct feature of this dance is the iron rings "anjali" wore by Garadi performers. These rings make euphonious sound as performers perform on the beats of Ramadolus.

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