Communes in Puducherry

Puducherry/Image Source: Karthik Easvur
A commune is a planned community of people sharing common social, political, religious, and spiritual belief. They usually follow an alternative lifestyle. They also share their poperty, possessions, resources and in some cases, income.

There are ten communes in Puducherry. Puducherry (District) and Karaikal each have five communes. These communes are sub-divided in 98 villages altogether. They are administrited by Local Administration Department of the Government of Puducherry.

Karaikal has five communes, subdivided into 27 villages, administered through single block.
1. Kottucherry Commune - 5 Village Panchayats
2. Nedungadu Commune - 4 Village Panchayats
3. Neravy Commune - 4 Village Panchayats
4. Thirunallar Commune - 9 Village Panchayats
5. Tirumalairayanpattinam Commune - 5 Village Panchayats

Puducherry has five communes, subdivided into 71 villages, administered through two blocks.
Ariyankuppam Block
1. Ariyankuppam Commune - 11 Village Panchayats
2. Bahour Commune - 15 Village Panchayts
3. Nettapakkam Commune - 11 Village Panchayats

Villianur Block
1. Villianur Commune - 18 Village Panchayats
2. Mannadipet Commune - 16 Village Panchayats
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