Mount Ruang Volcano Eruption: Impact and Precautions

Image of Mount Ruang Volcano Eruption: Smoke and ash rise from Mount Ruang in Indonesia as the volcano erupts again, highlighting the impact on local communities and the importance of precautionary measures
Mount Ruang Volcano Eruption: Impact and Precautions

Mount Ruang, a remote volcano situated in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi region, recently erupted, projecting a plume of ash 400 meters (1,312 feet) above its summit. This eruption, following several others, necessitated the evacuation of thousands of residents as molten rocks descended upon their villages. The volcanic activity commenced with a combination of lava, ash columns, and volcanic lightning.

Volcanic Activity and Precautions:

Indonesia’s volcanology agency issued warnings indicating the persistently high volcanic activity at Mount Ruang, highlighting potential hazards such as flying rocks, hot clouds, and lava flows. Residents were advised to wear masks to mitigate respiratory issues. An alert was issued to maintain an exclusion zone around the crater, with additional cautions regarding potential further eruptions and the risk of volcanic collapse into the sea, potentially inducing a tsunami.

Impact on Local Communities:

The eruptions significantly disrupted local communities, leaving houses deserted and causing power outages in affected areas. Communication breakdowns occurred in parts of both Ruang and Tagulandang islands. Residents appealed for aid, particularly for tarpaulins to cover damaged roofs. The nearby international airport in Manado city, over 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the crater, was also affected.

Indonesia’s Volcanic Activity:

Indonesia, as a vast archipelago nation, frequently experiences seismic and volcanic activity due to its location on the Pacific “Ring of Fire.” The country harbors numerous active volcanoes, making eruptions a common occurrence. Notably, the crater of Mount Anak Krakatoa, situated between Java and Sumatra islands, experienced partial collapse during a major eruption, triggering a tsunami that resulted in casualties and injuries.

By adopting appropriate precautions and heeding warnings issued by relevant authorities, communities can mitigate risks associated with volcanic activity and minimize the impact on human lives and infrastructure.

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