Korea's Space Race: Military Spy Satellites in Orbit

Mockups & Backgrounds: Illustration depicting Korea's Space Race with Military Spy Satellites in Orbit
Korea's Space Race: Military Spy Satellites in Orbit

South Korea has achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching its second domestically developed military spy satellite into orbit. The satellite was carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, marking another advancement in South Korea's space capabilities. This achievement closely follows the successful launch of South Korea's first military spy satellite in December 2022, also aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Intensifying Space Race on the Korean Peninsula

The successful launch of South Korea's second military spy satellite intensifies the ongoing space race on the Korean peninsula. In November 2022, North Korea demonstrated its advancements in satellite technology by launching its first military satellite.

South Korea's Ambitious Satellite Plan

To bolster military surveillance, South Korea plans to launch a total of five military spy satellites by 2025. These satellites will enhance the South Korean military's capability to monitor key facilities in North Korea using imagery sent approximately every two hours.

North Korea's Satellite Developments

North Korea claims that its spy satellite, Malligyong-1, has successfully sent images of a US naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and other "major target" sites across South Korea. The successful launch of Malligyong-1 in November 2022 marked Pyongyang's third attempt at placing such a satellite in orbit, following two failed attempts earlier in the same year.

Alleged Collaboration between North Korea and Russia

South Korean authorities allege that North Korea received technical assistance from Russia for the successful launch of its spy satellite. According to Seoul, this assistance was provided in exchange for North Korea supplying weapons to Russia for use in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

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