India's Resolute Opposition to China's Renaming in Arunachal Pradesh

India firmly opposes China's renaming tactics in Arunachal Pradesh
India's Resolute Opposition to China's Renaming in Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian government has strongly criticized China's recent attempts to rename certain places in Arunachal Pradesh, declaring them baseless actions. The Ministry of External Affairs emphasized that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of democratic India and rejected any pressure from China.

India-China Border Dispute:

Union Minister Karan Rijiju highlighted India's proactive measures to control Chinese movements along the border. The dispute arises from past governments' negligence, but India remains committed to its infrastructure and development projects in Arunachal Pradesh despite China's renaming efforts.

Historical and Legal Basis of India’s Territorial Claims:

The territorial disputes are rooted in China's historical imperial control over parts of India and India's claims based on British imperialism. These disputes have persisted due to historical possessions and insufficient understanding.

The 1962 Indo-China War and Ongoing Conflicts:

The 1962 war over territorial claims remains unresolved, leading to periodic political escalations and local clashes. Neither India nor China has shown willingness to compromise, highlighting the persistent border disputes and lack of cooperative efforts.

India's stance against China's renaming tactics underscores its commitment to defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

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