Indian Navy's New Submersible Acoustic Evaluation Platform

Indian Navy's Submersible Platform 'SPACE' Inaugurated
Indian Navy's New Submersible Acoustic Evaluation Platform

The Indian Navy recently inaugurated the Submersible Platform for Acoustic Characterization and Evaluation (SPACE) in Idukki, Kerala. This cutting-edge facility, established by the Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory of DRDO, serves as a premier hub for testing and evaluating sonar systems used by the Indian Navy on various platforms including ships, submarines, and helicopters.

Components of the SPACE Submersible

  • The SPACE comprises two main components: a floating platform and a submersible platform capable of descending to depths of up to 100 meters using winch systems.
  • The submersible platform can be easily winched up and docked with the floating platform after completing operations.

Capabilities of the SPACE Submersible

  • The SPACE will primarily evaluate complete sonar systems, enabling quick deployment and easy recovery of scientific packages such as sensors and transducers.
  • It facilitates surveying, sampling, and data collection of various parameters related to air, surface, mid-water, and reservoir floors using advanced scientific instrumentation.
  • The platform also supports data processing and sample analyses in well-equipped scientific laboratories.

Significance of the SPACE

  • The inauguration of the SPACE marks a significant milestone in naval technology advancement for the Indian Navy.
  • This platform enhances the Navy’s capabilities in Anti-Submarine Warfare research by providing a dedicated facility for testing and evaluating sonar systems.
  • It supports the development of modern scientific instrumentation and data processing techniques for underwater acoustic research.
  • The platform enables the Navy to test and evaluate sonar systems with precision and efficiency, contributing to the modernization of naval technology and scientific instrumentation.

About the Indian Navy

  • The Indian Navy, founded on 26 January 1950, is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces responsible for safeguarding India’s maritime interests and sovereignty.
  • It operates a wide range of ships, submarines, and aircraft and conducts regular exercises with friendly nations to enhance interoperability.
  • The Navy also participates in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations and plays a crucial role in securing India’s vast coastline and maritime trade routes.
  • Through initiatives like the SPACE, the Indian Navy actively develops indigenous technology, furthering its technological prowess and capabilities.

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