India Supports Taliban's Move to Restore Rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs

Image depicting a headline: 'Taliban to Restore Land Rights to Afghan Hindus, Sikhs
India Supports Taliban's Move to Restore Rights for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs

India has welcomed a recent move by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which aims to restore private land rights to Afghan Hindus and Sikhs. This positive development comes amidst India's efforts to advocate for an inclusive government in Afghanistan while addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Taliban's Commission for Property Rights:

The Taliban administration has established a commission dedicated to ensuring the return of property rights to the Hindu and Sikh communities. These rights were unlawfully seized by warlords during the previous administration in Kabul.

India's Response:

Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson for India’s External Affairs Ministry, expressed India's approval of the Taliban regime's decision during a media briefing. Despite not officially recognizing the Taliban regime, India views this initiative as a step in the right direction.

India's Diplomatic Efforts:

India has been actively advocating for a truly inclusive government in Afghanistan while emphasizing the importance of preventing the country from becoming a breeding ground for terrorist activities. Additionally, India has been pushing for unimpeded humanitarian aid to address the worsening crisis in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic Presence and Withdrawal:

In June 2022, India re-established its diplomatic presence in Kabul after withdrawing its officials from the embassy in August 2021 due to security concerns following the Taliban’s takeover.

Challenges Under Taliban Rule:

Since the Taliban's ascension to power in August 2021, Afghanistan has faced significant challenges. The regime has imposed strict Islamic laws, leading to limitations on women's rights and access to education and employment. The economy has deteriorated, resulting in widespread poverty and food insecurity. International aid has been largely suspended, worsening the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Plight of Hindus and Sikhs:

The Sikh community, along with other religious minorities, has faced increased persecution, discrimination, and violence under Taliban rule. Many Sikhs have been forced to flee the country, seeking safety and asylum elsewhere, including India. Prior to the Taliban’s rule, Afghanistan was home to approximately 8,500 Sikhs, but their numbers have significantly dwindled since the regime's takeover, with only a few hundred remaining. Reports have emerged of threats, harassment, and physical attacks targeting Sikhs by Taliban members and other extremist groups.

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