IAF's Successful Test of Crystal Maze 2 Missile: A Milestone Achievement

Crystal Maze 2: IAF Successfully Tests Air-Launched Ballistic Missile
IAF's Successful Test of Crystal Maze 2 Missile: A Milestone Achievement

The Indian Air Force (IAF) recently accomplished a noteworthy feat by conducting a successful test-fire of an air-launched ballistic missile, designated as ROCKS or Crystal Maze 2. This missile, capable of targeting objects over a distance of 250 kilometers, was launched from a Su-30 MKI fighter jet stationed in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Test Details:

  • The test was overseen by the Strategic Forces Command.
  • Preparations were meticulously carried out within the jurisdiction of the tri-services Andaman and Nicobar Command, presently led by an Air Force officer.
  • The successful test affirmed the operational readiness of the Command and showcased advancements in technology.

About The Crystal Maze 2 Missile:

  • The Crystal Maze 2 is an extended stand-off range air-to-surface missile originating from Israel.
  • Its primary purpose is to engage high-value stationary and relocatable targets, such as long-range radars and air defense systems.
  • The missile demonstrates effectiveness even in GPS-denied environments, akin to conditions encountered during the Kargil War, and possesses the capability to penetrate heavily guarded areas.

Significance for India:

  • The successful test signifies a significant enhancement in the IAF’s capabilities.
  • There are ongoing plans to procure a substantial quantity of these Israeli missiles through the Make in India initiative.
  • This missile equips India with a distinct advantage in striking distant targets from aerial platforms.

Comparison with Crystal Maze 1:

  • The Crystal Maze 2 differs from its predecessor, Crystal Maze 1, previously inducted into the IAF.
  • Despite both missiles originating from Israel, Crystal Maze 2 boasts extended range and improved capabilities.

Trajectory and Launch:

  • The missile, launched from a Su-30 fighter, initially ascends before swiftly navigating towards its designated target.

Key Facts:

  • Missile name: ROCKS or Crystal Maze 2
  • Origin: Israel
  • Range: Over 250 kilometers
  • Launch platform: Su-30 MKI fighter jet
  • Test location: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Conducting authority: Strategic Forces Command
  • Significance: Major enhancement of Indian Air Force capabilities

The successful test of the Crystal Maze 2 air-launched ballistic missile by the Indian Air Force represents a significant advancement in India’s military capabilities and expands its options for strategic strikes.

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