PB-SHABD: Revolutionizing Media Diversity in India

Image of the PB-SHABD logo against a backdrop of diverse media symbols, representing the launch of Prasar Bharati's PB-SHABD service
PB-SHABD: Revolutionizing Media Diversity in India [Source: Sanskriti IAS]

In a significant stride for India's media landscape, Prasar Bharati has launched PB-SHABD, a pioneering news-sharing service aimed at offering diverse daily news feeds to media organizations in various formats. This initiative, unveiled at the National Media Centre in New Delhi, was spearheaded by Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Singh Thakur.

PB-SHABD: Fostering Media Diversity

PB-SHABD heralds a new era in the news industry by serving as a centralized hub for news content, particularly benefiting smaller news organizations with limited content-gathering resources. Drawing from Prasar Bharati's extensive network of reporters, correspondents, and stringers across India, the service will curate news stories spanning fifty categories in all major Indian languages.

Introductory Offer and Unbranded Feeds

To encourage participation, PB-SHABD will be available free of charge for the inaugural year to news organizations registered with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. These organizations will receive unbranded feeds, devoid of the Doordarshan logo, enabling them to tailor content for diverse platforms and audiences.

Enhanced Digital Platforms

Simultaneously, the launch event marked the debut of revamped websites for DD News and Akashvani News, alongside an updated NewsOnAIR mobile app. These platforms prioritize user experience and engagement, boasting intuitive designs, categorized sections, personalized feeds, and multimedia integration.

Key Features of the Digital Platforms

  1. User-friendly interface with engaging design elements
  2. Segmented sections covering national and international news, education, health, business, science and technology, sports, environment, and opinion pieces
  3. Personalized news feeds and push notifications for breaking updates
  4. Integration of multimedia content for enriched storytelling
  5. Offline reading capability and live streaming for real-time coverage
  6. Seamless social media sharing and location-based news delivery
  7. Bookmarking feature for saving articles and robust search functionality

Prasar Bharati's Extensive Network

Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur underscored Prasar Bharati's unparalleled news gathering and dissemination network, spanning every corner of India and catering to regional language preferences. PB-SHABD aims to extend this reliable and meaningful content to the wider print and electronic media landscape.

Collaborative News Dissemination

Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Sanjay Jaju, commended Prasar Bharati for its pioneering efforts with PB-SHABD, foreseeing its potential to foster collaboration and facilitate the spread of credible news content nationwide.

Outreach to Media Organizations

CEO Gaurav Dwivedi affirmed Prasar Bharati's commitment to engaging with media organizations, offering audio, video, photo, and text-based content through PB-SHABD. The platform is poised to deliver daily news feeds in diverse formats, catering to the evolving needs of media stakeholders.

By fostering media diversity and collaboration, Prasar Bharati's PB-SHABD emerges as a catalyst for a vibrant and inclusive news ecosystem in India.

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