LAMITIYE-2024: Strengthening Military Ties in Seychelles

Image of Indian and Seychellois soldiers participating in the joint military exercise LAMITIYE-2024, enhancing bilateral military cooperation between the two nations
LAMITIYE-2024: Strengthening Military Ties in Seychelles

In a significant stride towards bolstering bilateral military relations with Indian Ocean island nations, an Indian Army contingent embarked for Seychelles on March 17, 2024, to conduct a joint military exercise dubbed ‘LAMITIYE-2024’ with the Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF). Scheduled to span 10 days starting March 18, the exercise aims to bolster interoperability in sub-conventional operations within semi-urban environments, aligning with Chapter VII of the United Nations charter on peacekeeping operations.

Participating Forces:

The exercise will witness 45 personnel from the esteemed Gorkha Rifles regiment of the Indian Army collaborating with the SDF, marking the tenth edition of this biennial training endeavor held in Seychelles since 2001.

Objectives of the Exercise:

‘LAMITIYE-2024’ primarily seeks to cultivate and fortify bilateral military relations between India and Seychelles, facilitating the exchange of skills, experiences, and best practices. By fostering mutual understanding and jointness among troops, the exercise endeavors to nurture a collaborative partnership between both nations.

Training Activities:

The exercise entails joint training, planning, and execution of meticulously crafted tactical drills aimed at neutralizing potential threats in semi-urban settings. Incorporating field training exercises, combat discussions, lectures, and demonstrations featuring cutting-edge equipment and technology, the exercise culminates in a two-day ‘Validation Exercise,’ evaluating the acquired skills and knowledge in a simulated operational scenario.

Significance of Seychelles:

Despite its modest landmass of 452 sq km and a population of approximately 98,000, Seychelles holds significant geostrategic importance. Situated at the convergence of Africa, West Asia, and India, Seychelles has been a pivotal destination for major powers since the Cold War era.

India’s Focus on Defence Cooperation:

India has prioritized bolstering defence cooperation with Seychelles, extending support as a first responder and aiding in the development of infrastructure, including an airstrip and jetty on the Assumption Islands.

Countering Chinese Influence:

Amidst China's proactive initiatives to develop infrastructure in the Indian Ocean region, India's emphasis on strengthening ties with Seychelles becomes paramount. Recent security concerns, including hijack attempts and drone attacks, underscore the significance of securing sea-borne trade routes, crucial for India's economic interests.

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