Jharkhand Introduces Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme

Image of announcement: Jharkhand Introduces India’s First Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme
Jharkhand Introduces Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme

In a significant move, the state of Jharkhand has pioneered the 'Vidhwa Punarvivah Protsahan Yojana' (Widow Remarriage Incentive Scheme), becoming the first in the nation to do so. This groundbreaking initiative, unveiled by Chief Minister Champai Soren on March 6, 2024, offers a financial incentive of Rs. 2 lakh to women who choose to remarry following the death of their husbands.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The woman should be of marriageable age.
  • The woman should not be a government employee, pensioner, or income tax payer.
  • The application for the incentive must be submitted within one year from the date of remarriage.
  • The death certificate of the late husband must be provided.

Empowering Women and Challenging Social Norms:

The scheme is a step towards empowering women who often find themselves in vulnerable situations after the loss of their life partners. By providing financial assistance and support, it aims to give these women a new lease on life while challenging societal norms and perceptions surrounding widow remarriage.

Distribution of Funds and Other Announcements:

During the launch event at Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium in Ranchi, Chief Minister Champai Soren distributed a total of Rs. 14 lakh among seven beneficiaries of the scheme. Additionally, an increase in the honorarium for Anganwadi workers was announced, with workers now receiving Rs. 9,500 per month and helpers receiving Rs. 4,750 per month. The first installment of old age pension was also transferred to the bank accounts of 1,58,218 people during the occasion.

Application Process and Required Documents:

Eligible widows must apply within one year of their remarriage and submit the death certificate of their late husband along with the application. Government employees, pensioners, and income taxpayers are not eligible for this scheme.

This scheme not only provides financial assistance but also stands as a beacon for other states to follow in supporting and uplifting women in need.

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