Odisha Cabinet Advances Farmer Welfare Agenda

The Seal of Odisha featuring an emblem representing the state's commitment to advancing farmer welfare agendas, as announced by the Odisha Cabinet
Odisha Cabinet Advances Farmer Welfare Agenda

The Odisha state cabinet has greenlit a three-year extension of the Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme, stretching from 2024-2025 to 2026-2027, with a substantial budget allocation of Rs 6,029.70 crore earmarked for its implementation. In a move to bolster support for landless farmers, households devoid of agricultural land, who had already received the full installments amounting to Rs 12,500 under the KALIA scheme, will now benefit from an additional financial assistance of Rs 2,000 per annum. This initiative aims to provide further aid and sustenance to these vulnerable farming communities across the state.

Modified Fund Disbursement Schedule:

  • The cabinet has authorized the state government to adjust the release dates of funds as needed, deviating from the previous biannual disbursement before Kharif and Rabi seasons.
  • Financial assistance for landless agriculture households will also be disbursed accordingly.

Permanent Land Allotment for Displaced Families:

  • Approval has been granted for the free-of-cost allotment of tenements to 515 displaced families settled in the Sunabeda municipality area of Koraput district since 1964, offering them permanent land ownership.

Incentives for Mega Projects Under Semiconductor Policy:

  • Amendments to the semiconductor manufacturing and fabless policy 2023 include provisions for mega projects investing over Rs 500 crore.
  • Such projects are now eligible for up to Rs 25 crore per year for 7 years as interest subsidy, alongside reimbursements for R&D and skill development expenses.

Tax Exemption for Hindi Film "12th Fail":

  • The recently released motivational Hindi film "12th Fail" has been declared tax-free, aiming to enhance its accessibility for viewers across Odisha by reducing the cost of admission.
  • These decisions by the Odisha state cabinet reflect a commitment to agricultural welfare, socioeconomic development, and cultural promotion within the state.

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