Dubai's Five-Year Visa Boosts Indian Tourism

A stunning image of the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, symbolizing the city's allure and tourism growth following the introduction of a five-year visa for Indian travelers
Dubai's Five-Year Visa Boosts Indian Tourism

In February 2024, the Dubai authorities unveiled a pioneering visa policy aimed at enhancing tourism from India. This policy grants Indian citizens a five-year multiple-entry visa, designed to bolster annual visitor arrivals and solidify cultural-economic ties between the two nations.

Key Features of the Visa Policy:

  • The new visa policy enables Indian passport holders to enter Dubai multiple times over a five-year period, with each stay capped at 90 days.
  • Travelers can extend their stay for an additional 90 days, up to a maximum of 180 days within a calendar year, eliminating the need for frequent reapplications.

Surge in Indian Tourist Footfall:

  • Despite pandemic disruptions, tourist arrivals from India soared to 2.46 million in 2023, marking a substantial increase from previous years.
  • This surge in visitors exceeded pre-pandemic levels, indicating a return to normalcy in leisure and business travel patterns.

Efficiency and Convenience:

  • The visa issuance process takes only two to five working days, offering swift and hassle-free entry into Dubai.
  • With flexible entry and exit options, travelers can seamlessly engage in business activities or leisure travel.

Strengthening Socio-Economic Ties:

  • Dubai anticipates that relaxed visa regulations will foster greater people-to-people exchanges, contributing to long-term bilateral relations.
  • Additionally, the ease of business travel is expected to diversify economic partnerships beyond traditional sectors.

Alignment with Dubai's Economic Agenda:

  • The new visa policy aligns with Dubai's Economic Agenda, D33, which aims to solidify the city's position as a global hub for business, leisure, and residency.
  • Record-breaking tourist arrivals in 2023, totaling 17.15 million visitors, reflect Dubai's ongoing commitment to growth and innovation in the tourism sector.

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