Amul-A Journey towards Global Dairy Dominance

The image depicts the success story of the world's ninth largest dairy company, illustrating Amul's journey towards global dairy dominance.
Amul-A Journey towards Global Dairy Dominance(source-Opindia)

In February 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a resounding call to action during the 50-year celebration of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), setting the ambitious target of propelling Amul to the summit of the global dairy industry. Currently ranked as the 8th largest dairy company worldwide, Amul boasts an impressive annual domestic sales figure of nearly Rs 80,000 crore, with its diverse range of dairy products exported to 57 countries.

The genesis of Amul traces back to December 19, 1946, born out of the necessity to combat the exploitation faced by small dairy farmers. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Verghese Kurien, affectionately known as the 'Milkman of India', GCMMF was established in 1973, uniting six dairy cooperatives. Since then, Amul has experienced exponential growth, collecting milk from over 4 million farmers daily across 40 dairies and distributing it efficiently nationwide, significantly impacting numerous livelihoods.

One of its pivotal moments came in 1970 with the initiation of 'Operation Flood', heralding the White Revolution of India. Over the ensuing decades, Amul diversified its portfolio, emerging as a leading ice cream brand and expanding its milk production beyond Gujarat, a landmark achievement in its trajectory.

Presently, GCMMF encompasses 18 member unions, representing over 3.6 million farmers across 18,600 villages in Gujarat. This collective effort has propelled India to the forefront of global milk production, contributing a staggering 24% of the world's milk output.

In the landscape of global dairy giants, Amul faces formidable competitors such as Danone S.A. from France, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. Ltd. from China, and Fonterra Group Cooperative Limited from New Zealand. However, with unwavering support from the government and a steadfast commitment to its vision, Amul is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights in the global dairy arena.

Prime Minister Modi's assurance of sustained policy backing underscores the national significance of Amul's quest for global supremacy, reaffirming its pivotal role in India's economic landscape. As Amul embarks on its journey towards global dairy dominance, it not only symbolizes economic prowess but also stands as a testament to the spirit of cooperative entrepreneurship and grassroots empowerment.

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