Joint Military Exercise VINBAX-2023

The fourth edition of the Joint Military Exercise VINBAX-2023 has commenced in Hanoi, Vietnam, witnessing the active participation of 45 personnel from each side – India and Vietnam. This crucial exercise, running from December 11th to 21st, aims to fortify collaborative partnerships, enhance interoperability, and exchange best practices between the Indian Armed Forces and the Vietnam People’s Army.

Composition of the Indian Contingent:

  • The Indian contingent comprises 39 personnel from a Bengal Engineer Group Engineer Regiment and six from the Army Medical Corps, emphasizing expertise in engineering and medical fields.
  • This collaborative effort highlights India's commitment to fostering stronger defense ties with Vietnam.

Background of VINBAX:

  • VINBAX was initiated in 2018, with its first edition held in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. The exercise alternates locations between India and Vietnam annually, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between the armed forces of both nations.

Objectives of the Exercise:

  • Conducted as a Command Post Exercise cum Field Training Exercise, VINBAX-2023 focuses on the deployment and application of an Engineer Company and a Medical Team.
  • The exercise aims to facilitate the exchange of modern construction methodologies for critical infrastructure such as roads, culverts, helipads, ammunition shelters, and observation posts in operational areas.

Key Training Activities:

  • Participating contingents will collaborate on tactics, techniques, and procedures associated with combat engineering and combat medical tasks.
  • Technical military operation scenarios will be simulated, replicating the global deployment of United Nations contingents.

Validation Exercise:

  • The pinnacle of the exercise will be the Validation Exercise, where both contingents will demonstrate the standards achieved during the training.
  • This joint effort is anticipated to significantly boost mutual understanding, interoperability, and defense cooperation between the armed forces of India and Vietnam.

The VINBAX-2023 not only serves as a platform for sharing expertise but also symbolizes the commitment of both nations to bolstering their defense capabilities through collaborative training and operational synergy. This exercise stands as a testament to the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between India and Vietnam in the realm of defense and security.

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