8 Major Waterfalls of Jharkhand

8 Major Waterfalls of Jharkhand
Lodh Waterfall, Jharkhand

1. Budhaghagh
Budhaghagh, also known as, Lodh Falls is located in Palamu Tiger Reserve of Latehar district. With the height of 450 feet, it is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand and 21st highest fall in India. It is situated on Burha River, a tributary of North Koel River.

2. Hundru Falls
Hundru Falls is situated 36 km east of Ranchi on the Swarna Rekha river in Anagada block. This waterfall is 320 feet high. It is the second highest waterfall in the state of Jharkhand.

3. Moti Jhara
Moti Jharna (falls) is situated on the Ajay River in the Rajmahal hills to the south-west of Maharajpur. Its drops look like pearls, hence it is called Motijhara Falls. This is a 150 feet high waterfall.

4. Ghaghari Falls
Ghaghari Falls is 140 feet high. This fall is located in Netarhat (District Latehar). It is situated on the Ghaghari river, tributary of Auranga river.

5. Usri Falls
Usri Falls is situated on the Usri River in Giridih district. This is a 40 feet high waterfall.

6. Hirni Falls
Hirni Falls is situated 40 km north of Chakradharpur (West Singhbhum) on Ranchi-Chaibasa road. It is situated on the Garha river.

7. Panchghagh Falls
Panchghagh Falls is actually a group of five waterfalls. It is associated with the folktale of five sisters in Khunti district.

8. Jonha Falls
Jonha Falls is also known as Gautamdhara, as Lord Buddha took a bath here. It is situated on the Raru river in Ranchi district.

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