Nicknames of Madhya Pradesh (MP) Cities

Ujjain, City of Mahakal
Throughout the world, we often found cities and towns are known by several other names. These names either represent the social culture of the town or their work environment. The cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh are no exception. Here is the list of MP cities and towns with their nicknames:

BalaghatCity of Manganese
BhopalCity of Lakes
DharCity of Bhoj
GwaliorCity of Tansen, Gibraltar of East
IndoreMini Bombay, City of Ahilya,
KatniCity of Lime
JabalpurCity of Marble
KhajurahoCity of Sculptures
ManduCity of Joy
RewaCity of White Lions
SagarSwitzerland of Madhya Pradesh
SeoniMini Lucknow, Lucknow of Madhya Pradesh
UjjainCity of Temples, City of Mahakal
Malwa RegionGranary of Madhya Pradesh
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