Albedo Values

Allbedo Values
Ocean has typical albedo value of 0.06
The term "albedo" means whiteness. It is the measurement of the diffuse relection of solar radiation (light) out of total solar radiation received by the object. It is measured on the scale of 0 to 1. A body with very high albedo, near 1, is very bright and shiny. While a body with a low albedo value, near 0, is dark in nature. The Moon has an average albedo of 0.12, Venus 0.76, Earth 0.37.

Albedo Values for Different Surfaces
SurfaceAlbedo Value
Fresh asphalt 0.04
Ocean 0.06
Worn asphalt 0.12
Mixed forest0.09-0.12
Conifer forest0.09-0.15
Corrugated roof0.10-0.15
Open shrubland0.12-0.14
Deciduous trees 0.15-0.18
Coloured paint0.15-0.35
Bare soil 0.17
Green grass 0.25
Desert sand 0.40
New concrete 0.55
Ocean ice 0.50-0.70
Fresh snow 0.80
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