Kuninda Kingdom

Kuninda coins of Amogha
Kuninda Coins of Amoghabati/Source: Wikimedia
Kuninda or also known as Kulinda is an ancient Himalayan tribe who ruled the area comprising bordering areas of modern day Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. They were mentioned in Puranas and other ancient Hindu texts. The information about their activities comes from coins issued by them.

Kuninda alongwith Yaudheya probably were two of the greatest republic in the Himalayas rose after the fall of Kushana Kingdom. Their rise said to be one of the reason behind the decline of Kushana power. They later extended their power to northern plains in the area of modern day Ambala and Saharanpur.

Amoghabati or simply Amogh was probably the greatest Kulinda ruler as large portion of Kuninda coins are issued in the name of Amogha. Probably, coinage under his name continued after his death.

Kuninda disappered during 4th century as they were not mentioned in any contemporary literature or epigraph. They were probably overpowered by the Yaudheyas.
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