Kuluta Dobi Nalla: A Landscape Painting by Nicholas Reorich Circa 1931
Kuluta Dobi Nalla by Nicholas Reorich (1931)
Kulutas are said to be the rulers of Upper Beas River Valley around Kullu region. Naggar is supposed to be their capital. One of their rulers Virayasha is mentioned in the Kuluta coins discovered from Kullu. The coins dates back to 1st Century AD.

They find the mention in the Ramayana, the Vishnu Purana and the Mahabharata. A full chapter "Kuluptha Mahatamya" dedicated to them is in the Brahmanda Purana.

In Vishakhadatta'splay, Mudrarakshasa, the Kulutas are mentioned as one of the tribes recruited in the Chandragupta Maurya's army that fought against the Nanda ruler of Magadha. However, when Chandragupta became the ruler of Magadha, he launched an expedition in north-west, which was opposed by a confederacy of five kings inluding Chitravarma of Kuluta. However, they lost against Chandragupta, a fact which is strengthened by the erection of Buddhist Stupa by his grandson Ashoka in Kullu Valley. Like Trigata, they were probably an Ayudhajivi Sangha, who provided mercenary services to run the economic affairs of their state.

Kulutas might have re-emerged after the fall of Kushana empire. However, by this time, Kulutas have lost their Sangha character and became hereditary kingdom.
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