Inland Water Transport in Himachal Pradesh

Gobind Sagar Lake/Source:Wikimedia
Though India is known for its extensive network of inland waterways, its state of Himachal Pradesh is not so fortunate because of its mountainous terrain. The waterways that exist in Himachal Pradesh are confined to small artificial lakes created in the state due to its hydroelectric projects.

Currently water transport in Himachal Pradesh is restricted to Gobind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur, Pandoh Lake in Mandi, Pong Lake in Kangra and Chamera Lake in Chamba district.

However, there are few streches on river flowing in Himachal Pradesh are identified for the development of potential waterways in the state by the Government of India. These are

NameRiver/WaterbodyState/sLength (in KM)
National Waterway 17Beas RiverHimachal Pradesh and Punjab191
National Waterway 84Ravi RiverHimachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir42
National Waterway 98Sutlej RiverHimachal Pradesh and Punjab377
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