Vedic Age in Rajasthan

Young Krishna Playing His Flute Supposedly in the forests of Braj
The mythical Saraswati and Drishadvati rivers are supposed to be flowing through the lands of Rajasthan at some point of time. It is mentioned that Rishis who composed Vedas and other Vedic Sanskrit text used to live in the Doab region of Saraswati and Drishadvati rivers.

In Mahabharata and other popular Hindu puranic texts, the region comprising of modern day Bikaner is referred as Jangal and the region comprising the area of modern day Bikaner is known as Marwar. Similarly, the region comprising of modern day Ajmer and central Nagaur was known as Spadalksh. The northern part of modern day Alwar was part of Kuru Kingdom. The western and southern part of Alwar was part of the Matsaya Kingdom. Virat, much celebrated capital of Matsaya Kingdom is identified with modern day Bairath (a town 52 km away from Jaipur). The eastern part of Alwar alongwith Bharatpur, Dhaulpur and Karauli were parts of Sursena Kingdom.

Bayana, a modest town in Bharatpur district, is also finds mention in Puranic Hindu text. A part of modern day Bharatpur was part of Braj, a region associated with the childhood stories of Lord Krishna.

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