Maurya Rule in Rajasthan (321 BCE -- 185 BCE)

Bhabru Edict
Bhabru Edict/Source:Wikimedia
A major part of modern day Rajasthan was directly administered by the Maurya rulers. The ruins of Beejak Ki Pahadi, a Buddhist Chaitya in Bairat from the 3rd century BCE is one such example.

The discovery of grey ware culture and punchedmarked coins in Pandusar (Nohar Tehsil of Hanumangarh) also confirm the influence of Mauryan rulers over the land of Rajasthan.

The best evidence of Mauryan influence over Rajasthan is provided by the Ashokan edicts, especially Bhabhru edict found in Jaipur. Further, it refers to a number of books which provide evidence of not only Mauryan influence in Rajasthan but also rising Buddhist influence in the region.
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