List of Highest, Longest, Largest, Smallest in Rajasthan

Highest, Longest, Largest, Smallest in Rajasthan
Rajasthan is the state of anomaly. It is a strange and beautiful mixture of old traditions and new cultural trends and these social aspects appear even in the straight facts about the state. Here is such a list of highest, longest, largest, smallest and lowest things, places, cities and districts in Rajasthan.

Highest/Longest/Largest/Lowest/SmallestCity/District/Place in Rajasthan
Largest District by AreaJaisalmer (38401 sq km)
Smallest District by AreaDhaulpur (302 sq km)
Most Populous DistrictJaipur
Least Populous DistrictJaisalmer
Most Populated cityJaipur
Most Densely Populated CityJaipur (595 person per sq km)
Least Densely Populated CityJaisalmer (17 person per sq km)
District (Highest Sex ratio)Dungurpur (994 females per 1000 males)
District (Lowest Sex ratio)Dhaulpur (846 females per 1000 males)
District With Highest Decadal Population GrowthBarmer (32.5%)
District With Lowest Decadal Population GrowthShriganganagar (32.5%)
District (Highest Literacy)Kota (76.6%)
District (Lowest Literacy)Jalore (54.9%)
Village with 100% LiteracyMasuda (Ajmer)
District (Highest Male Literacy)Jhunjhunu (86.9%)
District (Lowest Male Literacy)Pratapgarh (69.5%)
District (Highest Female Literacy)Kota (65.9%)
District (Lowest Female Literacy)Jalore (38.5%)
District (Largest Scheduled Caste Population)Jaipur
District (Lowest Scheduled Caste Population)Dungurpur
District (Largest Scheduled Tribes Population)Udaipur
District (Lowest Scheduled Tribes Population)Bikaner
District (Largest Cattle Population)Barmer
District (Lowest Cattle Population)Dhaulpur
District with Highest Vidhan Sabha SeatsJaipur
District with Lowest Vidhan Sabha SeatsJaisalmer
Biggest DairyRaniwara (Jaisalmer)
District with Highest Forest CoverUdaipur (32.62%)
District with Lowest Forest CoverChuru (0.42%)
Highest Mountain PeakGurushikhar (1722 m)
Oldest Mountain RangeAravali Mountain Range
Longest National HighwayNH 15 - 874 km
Smallest National HighwayNH 71 B - 5 km
Biggest Cattle Festival (Pashumela)Vir Tejaji Pashumela Parbatsar (Nagaur)
District (Highest Recorded Temperature)Churu
District (Lowest Recorded Temperature)Churu
District (Most Humid)Jhalawar
District (Least rainfall)Jaisalmer
District (Highest Wasteland)Jaisalmer (37.30%)
Longest River of RajasthanChambal (966 km)
Longest River (Completely in Rajasthan)Banas (480 km)
Longest River of Western RajasthanLuni (330 km)
Highest TablelandOriya (Sirohi)
Earliest SettlementKalibanga (Hanumangarh)
Highest DamJakham Dam (Pratapgarh - 81 m)
Largest Principal StateJodhpur
Smallest Principal StateShahpur (Bhilwara)
Oldest Principal StateUdaipur (Mewar)
Youngest Principal StateJhalawar
Oldest Dairy in RajasthanPadma Dairy (Now merged with Saras Dairy)
District (Highest Temperature Variance)Churu
District (Lowest Temperature Variance)Dungurpur

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