First and Famous Women in Rajasthan

JMRC All Women Metro Station: Shyam Nagar (Jaipur)/Image Credit: Rajasthan Post
Rajasthan is a bit infamous for its staunch patriarchical society. It is said about the women of Rajasthan that they either seen in ghoonghat (purdah) or in four walls. However, things are changing. Women of Rajasthan has accomplished a lot more than you can think of. They are not only catching pace with their male counterparts, but they are also leading the pack in some fields.

Polity and Administration
First Female Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court:    Kanta Bhatnagar
First Female Governor of Rajasthan:    Pratibha Patil
First Woman Chief Minister of Rajasthan:    Vasundhra Raje Sindhia
First    Woman Chairperson of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha:    Sumitra Singh
First    Woman Vice-Chairperson of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha:    Tara Bhandari
First Woman Vice Chief Minister of Rajasthan:    Kamla Beniwal
First Female Minister in Rajasthan Government:    Kamla Beniwal
First Female MLA in Rajasthan Vidhansabha:    Yashoda Devi (Banswara)
First Female Rajasthani MP in Indian Parliament:    Maharani Gayatri Devi (Jaipur)
First Female Sarpanch of Rajasthan:    Mrs. Chagan Bahan Golcha
First Female Chief Secretary of Rajasthan:    Kaushal Singh

First Female Padma Bhushan Recepient from Rajasthan:    Shrimati Janaki Devi Bajaj
First Female Padma Shri Recepient from Rajasthan:    Shrimati Ratna Shastri

First International Female Kabbadi Player from Rajasthan:    Shalini Pathak
First Woman From Rajasthan To Scale Mount Everest:    Asha Jhajharia

All-Women Initiatives
All-Women Railway Station in Rajasthan:    Gandhinagar (Jaipur)
All-Women Police Station in Rajasthan:    Gandhinagar (Jaipur)
All-Women Metro Station in Rajasthan:    Shyam Nagar (Jaipur)

First Female Pilot from Rajasthan:    Namrata Bhatt
First Female Flying Officer from Rajasthan:    Nivedita
First Female BSF Officer (Combat Duty) from Rajasthan:    Tanushree Parik
First Female Doctor in Rajasthan:    Dr. Parvati Gehlot
First Rajasthani Actoress:    Sunaina (Film: Najrana)
First Woman Qazi of Rajasthan:    Jahan Ara
First Woman Coolie in Rajasthan:    Manju Devi
First woman IPS officer of Rajasthan:    Nina Singh
First Female Movie Director: Manju Bansal Jasrani (Dudh Ro Karjo)

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