Double Decker Trains in India

Double Decker Trains in India
Double Decker Trains in India
The bilevel trains or more commonly known as double decker trains were started around the second half of the nineteenth century in Europe. There are more than twenty countries across the world where these trains run and India is no exception.

In India, the first double decker coach was added to the Flying Ranee, the legendary passenger train between Surat and Mumbai Central, way back in 1970, making it first double decker train service in India.

In 2011, the Government of India launched the first AC double decker train between Howrah and Dhanwad. There were such eleven double decker air-conditioned trains launched by the Indian Railways. Only six have survived the fate of time. This failure was due to several administrative and technical reasons.

In 2018, Indian Railways started Uday Express fully air-conditioned double decker chair train to cater business class passengers with modern aminities such as free wifi and led screens.

Quick Facts
First Double Decker Train: Flying Ranee (1970)
First AC Double Decker Train: Howarh-Dhanbad Double Decker Express

List of Double Decker Trains in India

PairTrain No.Route/TypeDistance
AC Double Decker Trains
111085/11086Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Madgaon AC Double Decker Express564 km
212931/12932Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad Double Decker Express493 km
322625/22626Chennai - Bangalore Double Decker Express359 km
412583/12584Lucknow Junction - Anand Vihar Terminal Double Decker Express479 km
512985/12986Jaipur - Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express304 km
622707/22708Visakhapatnam - Tirupati Double Decker Express761 km
Non AC Double Decker Trains
112921/12922Mumbai Central - Surat Flying Ranee263 km
259023/59024Mumbai Central - Valsad Fast Passenger195 km
UDAY Express
122665/22666Bangalore City - Coimbatore Uday Express431 km

There are three more double decker trains under UDAY Express scheme are proposed by the Ministry of Railways.
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