List of Governors of Jharkhand

List of Governors of Jharkhand
List of Governors of Jharkhand
The Governor of Jharkhand is the constitutional head of the Indian state of Jharkhand. He is appointed by the President of India and holds office at the President's pleasure.

Prabhat Kumar was the first Governor of Jharkhand. He served in the office from 15 November 2000 to 3 February 2002. Syed Sibtey Razi was the longest serving Governor of Jharkhand, whereas Draupadi Murmu is the current and first female Governor of Jharkhand.

1Prabhat Kumar15 November 20003 February 2002
2V. C. Pandey4 February 200214 July 2002
3M. Rama Jois15 July 200211 June 2003
4Ved Marwah12 June 20039 December 2004
5Syed Sibtey Razi10 December 200425 July 2009
6Kateekal Sankaranarayanan26 July 200921 January 2010
7M.O. Hasan Farook Maricar22 January 20103 September 2011
8Syed Ahmed4 September 201117 May 2015
9Draupadi Murmu18 May 2015incumbent

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